Duronic BL89 Soup Maker Smoothie Blender Steamer Boiler Machine with 1.75L Glass Jug

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Making soup the simplic way.

The BL89 is designed with simplicity and convenience in mind. The preparation time is drastically cut as the user simply needs to cut the ingredients into small pieces, place them inside the soup maker and select the desired function (smooth, chunky etc). The simplistic control panel allows the user to choose a desired texture, after which the soup maker will take care of the hard work for you.

The Duronic BL89 does a lot of things, not just one type of soup!

Smooth Soup is made within 20-30 minutes

Chunky Soup is made within 20-30 minutes with the filter attachment included

Steamer function allows you to steam vegetables using the basket provided

Boil anything from eggs to noodles in the jug

Reheat your soup or any other liquid type food

Keep Warm function will allow you keep your soup warm until you are ready to serve

Blender function will blend all your food together so no need to own another blender

Pulse function is included for when you want to be in blending control

Smoothie function is pre-set so you can create an amazing smoothie whenever you want.

All these features enable you to create and devour delicious food in minutes. We include a peace of mind warranty of 1 year with this product


  • There is nothing better than a comforting bowl of homemade soup and our Soup Maker provides just that in as little as 20-30 minutes from scratch!
  • Not only does it make soup, it also blends food, makes smoothies, steams your vegetables, boils your egg, reheats and keeps warm your soup or similar food
  • SOUP: Makes Smooth or Chunky soup just the way you like it, all you need to do is chop your ingredients, put it in the large 1.75L capacity glass jug and press the smooth or chunky soup button and off you go. In 20-30 minutes you have fresh hot soup
  • A cleaning sponge is provided to help you quickly clean the glass jug making it ready to use next time
  • Power: 220-240V, Comes packed in a strong box ready to ship worldwide. *Pictures for illustration purposses only. Only the product described (x1) provided for sale.


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